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Armstrong Int. - Mural by Design

Mural by Design LLC joined twice the TV show Restaurant Impossible to help turning around two failing restaurants.

Open for Commissions and Collaborations with anyone that promotes love and respect for our diverse communities.

Mural by Design LLC Collaborations:


Meet Sotir Davidhi - Artist Owner of Mural by Design LLC 
Sotir is a full-time muralist living in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He is originally from Albania, a country on the Adriatic and Ionian seas. He received a high school diploma in art and theatrical set design in Albania, and years later, he got an art degree from Aquinas College in Grand Rapids, MI. When Sotir is hired for a mural, he takes his time ensuring his customer is getting exactly what they want. He often has long conversations with them where he asks candid questions so they can come up with mural ideas together. He then creates a few sketches for the customer and once one is approved, he begins his mural process.


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