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With the Restaurant Impossible

Robert Irvine

Tom Bury

Sotir Davidhi

Sotir joined twice the Restaurant Impossible show on Food Network to help turning around two failing restaurants.


Open for Commissions and Collaborations with anyone that promotes love and respect for our diverse communities.
Meet Sotir Davidhi - Artist Owner of Mural by Design LLC 

Sotir is a full-time muralist living in Grand Rapids. He is originally from Albania, a country on the Adriatic and Ionian seas. He received a high school diploma in art and theatrical set design in Albania, and years later, he got an art degree from Aquinas College in Grand Rapids, MI. When Sotir is hired for a mural, he takes his time ensuring his customer is getting exactly what they want. He often has long conversations with them where he asks candid questions so they can come up with mural ideas together. He then creates a few sketches for the customer and once one is approved, he begins his mural process.

Artistic Style:
His style has been influenced by impressionism, tromp l’oeil, and theatrical set design that he combines to create beautiful site specific murals in Michigan and beyond. His murals have transformed the facades of township office, restaurants, coffee shops, antique stores, and interior spaces of restaurants, meeting rooms, playgrounds, playrooms, business offices, hallways, nurseries, restrooms and basements. His work is very transformative and brings light, color, and joy to every single space. The viewer can see lots of texture created by diverse sizes of brushstrokes, layers upon layers of color when viewed closed by, and an almost photographic 3D illusion when viewed from further away. 
Site Specific Mural Locations:
Each mural can be enjoyed in person around Michigan, such as Grand Rapids, Kentwood, Sparta Township, Cedar Springs, Plainfield, Standale, East Grand Rapids, Caledonia, Lowell, Ludington, Kalamazoo, Holland, Spring Lake, Grand Haven, West Olive, Muskegon, Jackson, Lansing, Farmington Hills, Westland,  Ann Arbor, Milford, Bloomfield Hills, Detroit and outside Michigan; Columbus, Powell, OH; Indianapolis, Muncie, IN; and Athens, Greece. ​
Theme Inspirations come from the community, customers needs, space available, and space surroundings. My clients are always encouraged to express their ideas, and together we create site-specific murals, 2D, or 3D beautiful images for their commercial, and/or residential spaces.
Trustworthiness is unquestionable because Sotir has worked very hard to reach this point, by creating happy places for those who trusted him,  and he certainly cannot afford to lose that reputation
Collaboration Interest:
Sotir is really interested in hearing about each project, and he encourages each one to express his/her ideas and together create the best design for what's needed, for the available space, and stay within a budget plan and beautifully done.
The best reason to collaborate with him is because he absolutely enjoys the whole mural process from start to finish and he has all the needed expertise to make it happen professionally.
Designs: A couple of them are submitted for feedback, and adjustments are made a few times until it’s appealing and ready to start. The finished design serves as a starting point for what comes next, a really unique and beautiful mural, designed for a specific space, and purpose.
Resources are pictures of the available wall, its surroundings, and many other images for reference.
Surface Options are either permanent on the wall made of brick, drywall, corrugated metal, fiber glass, cement block, fence,
or on a removable material, canvas, wood panels, or metal.
Mural Executions  are done all freehand with different sized brushes and four inch nap rollers, while taking safety measures when using a Boom Lifter, a Scissors Lifter, or a Ladder. The site-specific designs  serve as a starting point, or as a sketch, for a developing mural project. If the customers are happy with the design, they certainly will be thrilled with the final result.
Special Technique makes inward, or outward corners disappear, and the horizon does not bend while it continues on adjacent walls. It's not easy to explain in words, and easier to understand when you see it in person, but basically, a real three dimensional space is treated as it’s flat, and then create a 3D illusion over it.
Paint Medium preference is Latitude from Sherwin Williams. It's a high quality exterior finish with MoistureGuard™ Technology for excellent early moisture resistance and improved resistance to early dirt pick up. It is recommended for use on aluminum and vinyl siding, wood siding, clapboard, shakes, shingles, plywood, masonry, and metal down to a surface and air temperature of 35°F, with life limited warranty. 
Surface Preparation is crucial for mural's longevity.  Exterior walls must be power washed first, scraping, patching, priming, and two top coats following and before starting the mural.
Clear Coat Protection is optional, but it’s not advised because it may create a milky look overtime, and it needs additional coats as time goes by. The manufacturer ensures that the paint is made to withstand harsh weather conditions.
Anti Graffiti Clear Coat Protection is also optional and it can be either permanent, or non permanent, preferably Sherwin Williams brand. The paint brand is just a personal preference and the artist is not sponsored by any paint company in anyway.
Mural Warranty is given for the first three years, and it covers all repairs caused by a failing paint, and that has not ever happened.
The warranty does not cover damages caused by humans physical actions, or by leaking pipes, or a leaking roof.
Mural Cost is based on the size of the surface and the details of the mural. The mural can be charged by square foot, or the project as a whole. Details would be discussed when in contact, and once both parties have agreed, there are no surprises to follow.
Timeline depends on the size, detail, weather conditions and temperature. Usually it takes between a few days to over a month. 
Customer Satisfaction is proven by the work itself, also the long term relationship with the Mural by Design clients who also took their time to write some great reviews on 
Open to Travel  for painting murals anywhere in the United States and Europe.
Asking You 
If you would like to transform a random space, commercial and residential, with Beautiful  Site Specific Murals, inspired by your needs that exceed your vision, then you are at a right place and We Can Do This Together​.
Thank You So Much 
Sotir Davidhi
Artist - Mural by Design LLC 
Grand Rapids, MI
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