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More Testimonials

  • ​Sotir did the most amazing, site specific Mural by Design on my building. It brought my business to life and immediately sales increased! He worked tirelessly to complete the project quickly, he charmed the entire staff and customers during the project, and I would highly recommend him to anyone! Truly a special person with so much talent! 

Mills, T. Lake Shore Antiques, West Olive, MI​


  • Sotir, the owner of Mural by Design, Grand Rapids, MI is fantastic to work with. It has been a very long time since I've seen someone so passionate about their work!  It was refreshing to watch such a talented artist at work day after day, and your quality of work speaks for itself."  We look forward to working with you again in the future.

Joe - co-owner, The Score, Grand Rapids, MI 


  • Sotir, the muralist from Mural by Design, Grand Rapids, MI painted a remarkable mural in our daughter's nursery room and transformed the ordinary walls into a magical place with scenes from "Bambi," Walt Disney's famous first fully animate movie.  When we moved and put the house for sale, the mural became a major attraction for buyers with children. It took us less than 6 months to sell the house at a time when the housing market was crashing.  Our daughter loved that mural; so, we had Mural by Design paint the same mural again, but this time on a 12 x 6 feet canvas so we could take it with us the next time we moved. We can't wait for Sotir to come to Virginia and paint us a custom mural with images from West Michigan and Upper Peninsula. 

Alex  A. Lynchburg, VA

  • This is my first time working with Mural by Design, Grand Rapids, MI  Sotir Davidhi is very easy to work with. I am extremely pleased with his artwork specially the vibrant colors used in his pieces. Sotir Davidhi successfully portrayed the beautiful places of attractions in Thailand. We consistently receive compliments from our customers entering the restaurant. Thanks for your great customer service, promptness, quality and most of all the beautiful paintings. I highly recommend Sotir to everyone.

Travis, G. - owner, Thai Express, Kentwood, MI​


  • Sotir from Mural by Design, Grand Rapids, MI did an excellent job of reviewing our space, listening to our obscure needs, and even took it upon himself to patch the wall before creating the mural. The work he created was better than what we anticipated in the sample drawings. I highly recommend Sotir and his company for any commercial or residential mural work.

Ysasi, A. Grand Rapids, MI​


  • This was our first time working with Mural by Design, Grand Rapids, MI. Sotir is super passionate about his work and very talented! Sotir is very responsive and easy to work with. Definitely has the customers best interest in mind. In my opinion, you cant pay this artist enough!

Jill, Grand Rapids, MI​

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